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The best talk on creativity I know

This video really transformed the way I think about creative problems and the way I make difficult but often important decisions.

Different ways to evaluate string as code in JavaScript

Dynamic code evaluation is a very controversial subject in every programming language that allows it, but especially in javascript since it can be a major security risk, especially when evaluating code from untrusted source. Nevertheless it is useful technique, that can be helpful in development scenarios or in certain edge cases as an optimization tool e.g. for dynamic loop unwinding.

Let's look look at the ways we can evaluate string as a javascript code.

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In search for a better web design workflow

I have been working as a web coder for a long time and what always bothered me is how inefficient a process of creating a frontend for website is. And there are two major reasons for that — code reusability / toolchain problems and flaws in typical web design workflow. I will leave code issues for some other time so we can focus on design for now.

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