This page contains various stuff I created over the years.

“Just Dupe It” Photoshop Script

Only needed for versions before CS6

This script duplicates selection if one is present and duplicates selected layer(s) and/or group(s) otherwise. It's intended as a context-sensitive alternative to Ctrl(Cmd)+J shortcut.

To install just unzip provided archive into {PATH_TO_PHOTOSHOP}/Presets/Scripts/ folder and restart Photoshop if it is open. Script will be available in menu under File->Scripts section. After that you can record it as an action and assign a shortcut.


Nature Theme for JetBrains PHPStorm

It's a very light and pleasant theme based on Dawn theme for Textmate.

To install on Mac put in ~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE40/colors/, restart PHPStorm and choose it in application Preferences. On Windows® the path is %UserProfile%\.WebIde40\config\colors. You need to replace 40 with your PhpStorm version. Restart PhpStorm it is running and theme will be available under

File -> Settings -> IDE Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Scheme Name

Screenshot (HTML & CSS)
Screenshot (PHP)
Available on GitHub