Introducing Live HTML App


While developing web pages it is now more and more important to see how changes to HTML markup or to CSS rules affect website appearance across multiple browsers and platforms.

There are tools like LiveReload that address some of those challenges but quite often fall short when you working on a page that has some JavaScript-driven state, like opened popup or expanded menu on mobile device. Applying any change to HTML markup on such page results in loss of this state because of reloading forcing you to either restore state manually after each change which is slow and annoying or to code up shortcut to that state in JavaScript that also takes time.

Wouldn't it be nice if instead you could just update a changed part of the HTML on working page and keep the state intact allowing for live development? There are a few implementations of that idea in the wild, but unfortunately all of them are tightly coupled to Google Chrome debugging capabilities and internal representation of HTML tree inside the editor itself.

A couple of month ago I've decided to see if it would be possible to do something more powerful and more universal and today I'm happy to introduce Live HTML app.

Watch sneak peek video →

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